Hello, my name is Shally

Shally Steckerl

I'm a rebel, pioneer, founder, thought provoker, husband, father and innovator.

When I go to work I am a Talent Sourcing and Recruiting Transformation Leader.

I'm quirky, introverted, creative, generous, humorous and loyal. Some call me a Subject Matter Expert or a Consultant. Others see me as the Mad Scientist Entrepreneur. I'm often called an Educator, Trainer, Instructor and Advisor. Those who call me a "guru" don't know me because my clients, colleagues and friends will tell you I have more questions than answers. Because of my drive to serve I find most days I have to convince myself that I'm a leader and an executive. I think of myself as coach and guide, mentor not sage.

You'll find my name on all kinds of "top influencers" lists but don't be fooled, I'm just a geek who loves solving puzzles.

Lets talk if you are ready to transform or optimize your enterprise recruiting engine.

  • Globally recognized as the Father of Sourcing

  • Widely regarded as foremost authority on the subject of finding and engaging hard-to-find talent.

  • My third book, The Sourcing Method, is the seminal text on how to fix what's broken in Talent Acquisition.

  • I've presented thousands of keynotes, workshops and webinars worldwide

  • The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Forbes and hundreds of other publications have interviewed me.


Employers hire me to transform and optimize their enterprise recruitment engines.

I help companies efficiently find unfindable talent. When I am not doing that I work tirelessly to empower recruiters and sourcers, from the most experienced to the freshest faces, with innovative strategies and techniques for finding and engaging with talent. These methods have become global standards and have been adapted to every business setting in an ever changing global market.

HR leaders know that that, for recruitment to evolve and make a contribution to leadership’s strategic goals, there are ‘gaps’ that will need to be filled around Talent Sourcing skills, techniques, tools, and processes. Those gaps put the value of a company’s recruiting efforts at risk. My role leading the PowerSourcing division allows me to innovate solutions quickly to fill those gaps keeping employers' efforts from being strategic or effective.

Prior to joining Newton Talent I spent 5 years building solutions to find, engage with and connect outstanding people with careers at Fiserv, the world's leading financial technology company. I have served as a Corporate Sourcing Leader at companies like Sage, Motorola, Cisco, Coke, Google and Microsoft.

Occasionally I serve as Adjunct Faculty at two or three well respected academic institutions, teaching the first ever full-credit academic capstone course 100% on recruitment.

About Me

Provoking thought and providing instant pain relief for Talent Sourcing and Recruiting agony since 1996.

Raised in Colombia, South America, I completed a dual Bachelor of Science in International Business and Intercultural Communications at Rochester Institute of Technology. After graduating I completed a tour of service with the United States Peace Corps in Nicaragua then settled in Atlanta where I now live in with my wife Stefanie and our two children.

Some call me the Father of Modern Sourcing. Others know me as the creator of the original Sourcing Cheatsheet, the one that started it all, and launched the sourcing industry. Perhaps you have seen me at one of the thousands of presentations I've given worldwide, or you read my new book The Sourcing Method (978-0-9998081-0-8), published in 2018 but as a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer I am really just a teacher at heart.

My Official Bio

Shally builds sustainable talent advantages for employers by transforming recruitment teams through embedding world class proactive candidate identification, engagement and nurturing principles he pioneered. This is The Sourcing Method.

Since 1996 Shally has been deliberately instrumental in establishing Talent Sourcing as a legitimate job function and elevating the quality of life of recruiters through alleviating their sourcing migraines. After 24 years of experience filling the worlds' most challenging roles for the world's greatest companies Shally makes his knowledge available to HR and Talent Leaders interested in learning how to embed successful world-class sourcing principles into their existing recruitment workflows.

He’s regarded as one of the most engaging speakers delivering keynotes and workshops at thousands of conferences, been featured in interviews on the Wall Street Journal, NPR and dozens of other media destinations as a subject matter expert in multiple areas of talent acquisition; listed on multiple award, best of and "Top" lists of HR, Talent Acquisition, Recruitment and Sourcing influencers.

Shally Steckerl: Talent Sourcing and Recruiting Transformation Leader. Founder, Consultant, Trainer, Instructor, Advisor. Globally recognized as the Father of Sourcing, widely regarded as foremost authority on the subject. Author of "The Sourcing Method" + top three books in the industry. Frequently requested keynote speaker at conferences worldwide, talent acquisition excellence, sourcer, sourcing training, sourcing strategy, recruiter training, recruitment training, recruitment strategy, diversity, D&I, internal mobility, passive candidates, speaking, conferences, events, trainer, keynote speaker, Talent Acquisition Strategy, Recruiting Strategy, Talent Intelligence, Talent Analytics, Talent Insights, People Analytics, Talent Velocity, Talent Mapping, Talent Attraction, Talent Communities, Talent Technology, ATS, CRM, content marketing, Recruitment Technology, Workday, Talent Neuron, Taleo, Textio, HiringSolved, Smashfly, Peoplesoft, Seekout, competitive intelligence, competitor mapping, HR Leadership, Atlanta, Georgia


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